Subtle textures and intriguing flavours tantalise the senses and ignite conversation around the table - the perfect complement to a day well-lived.

New Zealand is an inspiring destination for any food lover. Be seduced by an endless bounty of local produce and a culinary culture that champions innovation, diversity and authentic hospitality.

Moments Culinary experience wine tasting and making New Zealand

Tastings & Makings

Experience this rich land through the creative expression of master distillers, brewers and winemakers. Whether it’s a perfectly aged whiskey, a crafty ale or a finely balanced wine that you desire, you’ll find it waiting in an intimate tasting room with a knowledgeable host happy to share its story.

Food (Kai)

Savour the best of New Zealand, one bite at a time. With unrivalled local produce and innovative chefs creating bold but nuanced dishes, there is a tale to every plate. And if you want a true cultural experience sit down for a traditional hāngi, and learn how for centuries Māori have used the earth to cook delicacies of all kinds.

Moments Culinary experience food New Zealand
Moments Culinary experience cooking New Zealand Lamb

Cooking classes

Take the finest natural ingredients, add the tutelage of one of New Zealand’s best chefs, and nurture your passion for creating fine-food. Attend an intimate cooking class and you’ll return home with more than just memories, but the secrets of your favourite New Zealand restaurants.

Private chefs

Relax and recharge with family and friends in your private residence, while one of New Zealand’s top up-and-coming chefs prepares your evening meal.

Moments Culinary experience privarte Chef New Zealand
Moments luxury travel foraging experience New Zealand


Learning to forage can rejuvenate a spirit worn out by modern living, so take a moment in time to embrace a simpler way of life. Learn from local guides how to identify wild foods and prepare them. It’s an amazing way to reconnect with the natural world and discover New Zealand in a way few others ever will.

Mānuka Honey & Beekeeping

Like Champagne is to France, mānuka honey is to New Zealand. This world-renowned honey is of exceptional quality and can only be produced here. Learn all about its unique nutritional properties and medicinal benefits from artisan beekeepers and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of beekeeping.

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Authentic experiences that ignite your passion to live and breathe every moment.


With our intimate knowledge of New Zealand, we can promise to hand-craft personal experiences for you that transcend luxury.